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ECTtracker (EyeComTecTracker) is an eye tracking program that identifies the state of the user's eye (open or closed). The program is used in conjunction with applications to capture video from a webcam or any other device connected to your computer (for example, ECTcamera). ECTtracker program compares different states of the user's eye to different key codes, which subsequently can be passed to any management application (ECTmorse, ECTkeyboard and others). Thus through opening and closing one or both eyes, the user can control the programs and type texts.

ECTtracker works with the help of a special structure of real -time recognition of the images received from the camera and compares them with pre-stored user samples. The samples represent small static images with accurate focus on the eye area of the user: on some samples the user's eyes are open, on the other - one or both eyes are closed. Comparing the image samples obtained with the camera, the program selects the samples that match the most.

The program is fully customizable. You can define the image recognition structure, threshold match boundaries of the current image with the samples, the video processing speed (frames per second), program downtime at the image loss and configure the key codes for transmitting to an external management application. The program contains more than 45 settings with which you can customize the appearance and the functionality of ECTtracker. Some settings can significantly reduce computer resource requirements, enabling the program to run stably even on low end computers.

ECTtracker requires no installation and modification of the operating system registry, works with portable devices. Supports simultaneous launch of multiple copies of the program. An option to save all sample tables and user settings in separate files which accelerates working with the program.
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